Annual Report 2018

April 2018

Our first step to bringing our ARAM children to the outside world bloomed. We organized an exposure visit to a science exhibition at PUMS school, Puzhal with ARAM staffs. It brought in more happiness and excitement among our children.

Our supplementary children were engaged that summer with many activities to strengthen their skills. Drawing, craft class, spoken English and writing classes were organized.

May 2018

Mother’s day was celebrated at Anandham old age home. We were invited by Mrs.Bakiyarathi, And many cultural programs were organized. Our children had a warm welcome from all the residents of Anandham.

June 2018

Personality development programs were organized at panchayat Union Middle Schools, Puzhal by Mr.Raja, Student counsellor was invited to address these children of class 8. It was highly informative to the Government school children as it was new to them.

Music brings peace to all and Mrs Haripriya enjoyed singing to our children. It is also a therapy to these intellectually challenged children. It improved their observation skills sitting in a place for a few minutes and hearing ability. They enjoyed the music which played the keyboard instrument.

Exposure visit with the movie “Jurassic World” was organized and that was the first movie to these children in a theatre which they enjoyed a lot.

July 2018

Under our Malargalin Magilchi project our next session of student counselling was planned at Lakshimipuram high school for girls in class 11 &12. The topic was- How to protect themselves from the evils that are happening to girl children in this world. It was well explained to the children through a short play by Mr.Raja.  A question & answer session was also organized and the girls were very interactive and all their queries were clarified.

Parents were also given awareness about active parents at panchayat union middle school. It was on how to protect their children and on how to be aware of things happening around them.

August 2018

Independent day was celebrated with ARAM children by our supplementary group. Mrs Malini of Palm Foundation and Mr Natesan (proprietor Ragavendra metals) was our chief guest. The program was filled with entertainment and was informative too with speeches on National Leaders.

September 2018

Annual day celebration was with Mr Prabakar, Commissioner of police, Puzhal and Mr Annamalai, Secretary, December 3 movement ARAM children performed yoga and received verses from Aathichichudi and Supplementary children performed culture events. The annual report was read and circulated; The Best social worker award was given to 3 people associated with ARAM.

Exposure visit to green tree cafeteria was arranged and the owner of the shop welcomed our children and provided them with very clarifying movements. It was our first visit to a food joint with our children.

October 2018

School teachers also need some food for their care. Nowadays it is becoming a very big challenge for the teacher to handle these students. A session was organized for Panchayat union middle school, Puzhal teachers on how to handle children and manage their stress level. Mrs Vaidagi spoke on all these topics and the session was a stress buster.

World mental health day was celebrated at Surpet middle school.

Career guidance was given to current year class 12 students at Pupili Raja school, Puzhal by Mr Raja

The month of October ended with the Diwali celebration. ARAM children enjoyed bursting crackers, lighting lamps with supplementary centre children and staffs.

November 2018

Children’s day was celebrated on 14.11.18 with chief guest- Ms Merlin, ICCW coordinator of 1098 with our supplementary children and ARAM children

Karthigai Deepam celebration was also planned with our supplementary education children. ARAM children should not miss any festivals celebrated in our state which is why we managed to give them the festive feel every time and enjoy the happiness in them. ARAM staff also enjoys such celebrations

December 2018

An Awareness program was organized at PUMS on 1098 usage and importance by Mrs Shylaja Baskar 

Pre arrangements for world disability day was our next agenda. Many special schools had sent a request to participate in different events. We visited all the schools and organized all the preliminary selections. The finalists were invited to ARAM for participating in the “talent Hunt event” 

The social service team joined ARAM for spending some time with our children on the occasion of Christmas. Sate clause comes with Christmas cakes and gifts our children enjoyed the program.

January 2019

Pongal festival – 13/01/19
Pongal festival was celebrated on 13.1.19 at ARAM home for special children. Mr Manjoy Kumar(SI) and Mr Ramadoss proprietor (Priya metals) were our chief guest. ARAM tries to create a platform for their intellectually challenged and differently-abled girl children to participate and enjoy everything that a normal child gets in this society.

Republic day Celebration – 26/01/19
Mr. Kulathur Ravi (Vangar Sanga Thalivar) was the chief guest to celebrate Republic Day at ARAM. Bank of Baroda CSR team was invited and they handed over their contribution that day to our children and enjoyed by spending some time with them. Students from government schools like Puzhal and Kathirvedu. Government high school also participated.

World Disability – 30/01/19
We organize an event called “talent Hunt” every year to celebrate world disability day that falls on 3rd of December but due to unavoidable circumstances the program was conducted on 30/01/19. Mr.Sandeep, Proprietor (Ashok car & finance) dealer of Nippon paints and Mr Rajnth Kumar were the chief guest.

February 2019

Founder’s day celebration on 09/02/2019. Mrs Madhumitha Gomathinayagam HR and Mr Syed (Aachi Masala CSR head) were was the chief guest. 3 government schools near our community participated. The concept was given to them in advance to prepare a skit on the social inclusion of the special children in our society.

Student counselling and general speech to government school children are done during this time of an academic year. As the board’s exams were approaching Mr Raja a student counsellor was invited to deliver a speech at Lakshmipuram School. He spoke to these children on how to read & prepare for boards. How to be stress-free and balance their studies and about adolescent age.

March 2019

Women’s day was celebrated with PUMS school teachers. Dr Rennuka Ramakrishnan (Dermatologist) Mrs Ambiga Raj (Agal Foundation) and Mrs Uma Maheswari (Counsellor, Puzhal) were the three ladies who graced the event by their presence many cultural events, party completion, Rangoli competitions were planned for the teachers and they all participated like young children. Our ARAM children and staff enjoyed their performances.

Hand washing day awareness day by 107.8 FM was organized for special children all our Chennai city on island grounds more than 3000 children participated and washed their hands in the manner it shall be done properly. It was an attempt to outdo Guinness Book of world record.